Greenwich Tritons Juniors

Welcome to Greenwich Tritons Juniors

Are you or your child between 7-18 years old and interested in becoming a triathlete? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new adventure that keeps you active and challenges you? Our Junior Triathlon Club will soon be welcoming new members to our vibrant team of young athletes.

Why Join Us?

  • Diverse Training Sessions: Each week, we offer 3 swim sessions, 2 cycling sessions, and 1 running session. We also run one off training camps, monthly runs, group rides and other training opportunities.
  • Skilled Coaching: We have BTF (British Triathlon Foundation) qualified, highly experienced coaches designing and running all our sessions.
  • Flexibility Is Key: We understand life is busy, especially for our energetic juniors. Join the sessions that fit your schedule – there is no compulsory attendance.
  • Build Confidence and Skills: Our sessions will not only improve physical fitness but also build confidence and skills.
  • Seasonal timetables: We vary our timetable by season, with open water swimming and outdoor rides in the Summer and cross country opportunities and indoor stationary bike sessions in the Winter.

If this sounds interesting, click the Join Next Group Now button and complete your details. We will add your name to our waitlist and once we have a group of 5-10 interested we will reach out to you with all the information you need to start your triathlon journey.

Full Junior Members can attend all 6 sessions above by paying £50/month(no additional costs) that is about : £2 a session across the month it you attend most sessions.

Training Sessions

All of the coaches involved with the Junior section hold British Triathlon coaching qualifications and current DBS credentials.

Our swim bike and run sessions are designed to get athletes ready for the demands of age group racing. Typical race distances are:

  • 7-8 Years: 50m Swim & 1.5km Cycle & 600m Run
  • 9-10 years: 150m / 4km / 1.2km
  • 11-12 years: 200m / 6km / 1.8km
  • 13-14 years: 300m / 8km / 2.4km
  • 15-16 years: 400m / 10km / 2.5km

Our current training programme is as follows:

All regular training sessions are free for full junior members and will be visible on your Coacha app.

Ad hoc sessions for members include:

  • Monthly road cycle (14+)
  • Off-road running in Oxleas Wood
  • Road cycling at Cyclopark
  • Wattbike sessions at Cadence in Crystal Palace
  • Open water swim practice in Docklands

These are advertised on the members’ WhatsApp group.

Triathlon events

Dependant on ability and experience of the junior we generally follow the British Triathlon London Junior Series Events. Even if this will be their first triathlon this is a great place to start on your learning journey.

If you would like to find out what one of our training session is like, please complete the join now form, and we will let you know when the next taster session is. Only once you and the club are happy with ability and membership fees will we move forward into membership. Alternatively, please email us for more information.


Summer vs Winter:

  • Summer : Generally we train in the Greenwich Park for running and Open water for Swimming
  • Winter : Sutcliff park track and cross country running with more pool sessions at Charlton Lilo

We do not teach you to swim: Please note that we do not operate a ‘learn to swim’ programme. Our sessions are triathlon specific and primarily about building endurance for swimmers that have already mastered the fundamentals of freestyle swimming (ASA Level 7). If your child is interested in coming to our swim sessions please contact us so that we can arrange a trial (100m continuous swimming for 7-12 year olds, 200m for older children) to ensure that they are at the appropriate standard. If your child does not meet our minimum standard we recommend that they join a club that offers a structured ASA learn to swim programme before coming to Tritons’ swim sessions.

Taster Sessions: If you would like to find out what one of our training is like please come along to a couple of our sessions and join in! Please complete the join now form to get access to the taster sessions.

Cycling Sessions: We get lots of questions about the cycling sessions – how good a cyclist do I have to be? do I need a fancy racing bike? etc. We are able to cater for a wide range of cycling abilities at Herne Hill but to benefit from these sessions you should be able to ride safely and have mastered basic handling skills – ride in a straight line, follow a line round a bend, and turn a corner, brake and stop under control. Any bike is fine as long as it is roadworthy and the right size for you.

Parking: Parking at Sutcliffe Park is £1/hour. Free parking is available at all other training venues (on street at Charlton Lido). We advise people to cycle where possible to improve overall fitness.