New thursday swim session for members

At Greenwich Tritons we are always looking to offer more training variety for members. Due to popular demand, we are reintroducing the midweek swim session, with exclusive use of the Wavelengths Leisure Centre 25m pool in Deptford. This technical session will compliment the existing Sunday session, which can be geared more towards fitness and endurance.

“Bring all your toys” was the battle cry from head coach Adam Tanner, so a dozen Tritons arrived early with kickboards, pull buoys, hand paddles, fins, centre snorkels, nose clips, swimming caps, goggles…oh and swimming costumes (buoyancy shorts for those so inclined!). And if they didn’t have any toys, that was fine too.

These new 8pm Thursday sessions include various activities in the pool to improve freestyle (front crawl) technique. The first session focused on perhaps the most important, body position in the water. So after a brief land-based arm and shoulder activation routine, and over the course of the hour, Adam assisted by Lizzie, directed proceedings.

The weekly Thursday session is open to adult club members of all abilities, and costs £5 per week (bookings on the club website) to cover the cost of pool hire.

Adam said: “It’s a fantastic facility for just our members to use with direct feedback from me and Lizzie. Swimmers will be able to focus on swimming elements that need practice and refinement”.

Tons of fun was had by all (see pic above) – and we hope to see many more Tritons in the weeks ahead.